Privacy Policy

ClipExp is Marek Klima’s (“ClipExp,” “we,” or “us”) online and mobile video editing service. Our Privacy Policy provides explanations of the manner and purpose as to how we collect, disclose, safeguard, or use the information applicable to our Service as well as the choices that you have regarding how we collect and use the information that you provide to us.


We gather the following information related to you:
Upon registering for a ClipExp account or contacting our company, we request that you submit your first and last name, and also an email address. It is possible our services may require us to save messages or content that you communicate with us via our services in order to assist us oversee the operational, and maintenance of the components and performance of the services that we provide to you.

Third-Party information that we may obtain:
Connections through third-party affiliations such as Email, Facebook, LinkedIn accounts, etc. may provide information about your user profile or habits and submit those to our company, ClipExp. If you should review your privacy settings on third-party sites and unlink or make any appropriate changes prior to allowing ClipExp Service to access the information that you provided in your personal or business accounts, we may not delete information that we gathered or acquired via your connection with a third-party affiliate.

Analytical Data
To assist us in enhancing our service, we employ the use of analytical data based on user information that we collect from third-party services that you use. The data gathered via your web browsers or other electronic devices track the pages that you visit. As we obtain the analytical data in a cumulative format, identification of individual users is usually not possible.

Information about Cookies:
To help you to log in quickly and to facilatate your visit to our site, using cookies, a unique identification of your website’s browser may be attached. Cookies can collect your user habits on our website by tracking what you view, click on, etc. and provide patterns of your use of our service for different time periods. Although you may opt to disallow cookies or decide whether to accept them, some functions of our service may be limited without cookies.

Information regarding log file:
Each time that you use our service, it automatically activates the recording and reporting of your log file information from your web browser or other electronic device. Our servicers anonymously capture your IP (Internet Protocol) address, browser, web request, URLs, and clicks as well as your engagement with our Service’s links, and other information, including domain names, pages visited and viewed.

Information about clear gifs/web beacons:
To allow our company to improve our features and functionality to our users, your usage of the service may be followed using clear gifs, which are also called web beacons that provide us with the patterns of behavior of our service users. Also, clear gifs may be used to track the emails that our recipients choose to open as well as any links that they click.

Device identifiers:
By accessing our service through electronic devices such as computers, cell phones, or tablets, our service, ClipExp’s unique device identifiers may allow us to access, gather, or monitor data that is sent to our service. Device identifiers are able to store data on the device’s hardware or software and transmit browsing behaviors of our users. Allowing for a device identifier to remain continuously will enable you to log in quickly and facilitate your use of our service. In the event a device identifier is disconnected or inoperable, particular features of our service may be unavailable or not function as designed.

How we use commercial and marketing communications:
Information that we gather or receive is used to communicate with you directly. You may receive emails with attached information regarding marketing promotions or newsletters. You have the option to opt out of these references or by adjusting your preferences.
However, you may not opt out of Service-related emails that may request you to verify your account, confirm your bill or purchases, inform you of updates/modifi­cations to features that the Service offers, or notifications regarding security or technical issues.

Some uses of service type information that we obtain about or from you:
Cookies, device identifiers, clear gifs information and log files may be used to (i) save information that allows you to visit the site without having to re-enter your access information; (ii) customize your personal content and information; (iii) track aggregate data of the numbers of visitors, traffic patterns, and demographics; (iv) analyze or repair technology problems; (v) aid with your efficiency sign in and to access your information; and (vi) attach advertising to your browser or device or system.


Your information will not be sold or rented to third-party affiliates, parent companies or their subsidiaries that are outside of ClipExp without your permission, except in the following cases:

Whom your information may be shared with:
Your information may be shared with our third party business associates if it pertains to the Service that we provide to you. However, our business associates will have access to a limited amount of information as is considered reasonably essential for the delivery of the Service. Those third parties are obligated to comply with this Privacy Policy.

Whom you may select to share your User Content with:
Your voluntary disclosure of any User Content or information for the purpose of posting to the Service and that is controlled by relevant privacy settings are subject to availability to the public.
Any User Content that is made public and is associated with your profile and controlled by your privacy settings may be searched by other Users. Even after removing the information posted to the Service, the public or other Users may have copied or saved the information and may view pages archived or copies cached.

What happens if there is a change of control:
In the event that any of ClipExp’s assets, businesses, products, services, and ClipExp shares are bought, sold, divested or transferred, we may also sell or transfer the names of our customer contacts and their email addresses which may also include the User information provided to the Service. Additionally, should any or all of ClipExp’s allo­cations become acquired, bankrupted, dissolved, divested, liquidated, merged, or reorganized, User information or content that is related to the Service may also be reassigned, sold or transferred.

When we may be required to share your information:
If the law requires that ClipExp divulge User information or requests that we do so through a court subpoena, and such action is deemed reasonable, we will do the following:
(i) adhere to the demands of the law and the enforcers of the law; (ii) ensure that the Terms of Use are fully implemented in order to safeguard the integrity of the Service; (iii) ensure that ClipExp and our Users’ personal safety, property and rights are safeguarded.

How we may share types of service information that we obtain about you:
When we collect information such as unidentified data usage, pages that are referred to or exited, URLs, various platforms, click numbers, and so on, that is obtained through the use of cookies, device identifiers (clear gifs), log files, connected to our third-party partners for the reasons indicated in “How We Collect and Use Information.” Third parties may also receive aggregated, anonymous data without the identification of any personal characteristics.

ClipExp Advertisements:
ClipExp may permit ad servers from third party ad services or networks to automatically access your IP address when using technology to directly transmit the ads and ad links that pop up on the Service. Your browser, cookie data, location, and other information associated with the use of our Service connected to our business partners for the purpose of delivering ads that may relate to your personal interests may also be shared. Third party ad services may also use clear gifs, cookies, device identifiers, JavaScript, and location information to track your usage patterns on The Service based on visit’s connected with your browser or device in order to determine ad effectiveness and to customize ad content. However, the data that we directly gather from you or about you from third party ad services or networks for the marketing purposes of these parties may not be rented, sold or shared by ClipExp.
If an advertiser request that ClipExp share an advertisement to a specific group of the Service users based on certain demographics or possible areas of interest, then we will determine what Service Users fit best fit that targeted market and post ads to that group. The information provided to the advertiser will be anonymous aggregated data. Should you submit a reply or click on an ad, then your action may indicate to the advertiser or ad server that you may be an interested party of their targeted.
As we are unable to govern third-party advertisers’ activities, the Privacy Policy is not applicable in this case. You should review each individual third-party advertiser’s pri­vacy policies or if you have any questions, direct them to those specific advertisers for assistance or request for information.


Storing and Processing Your Information:
There may be worldwide access to the storage and information processed of yours that we collect about you through the Service. In addition, personal information that ClipExp, collects, stores, or processes, may be shared or transferred to third-party affiliates that originate from your country or jurisdiction to countries throughout the world.

How we strive to safeguard your information:
ClipExp takes the most reasonable precautionary safeguards possible in order to ensure that information that you provide for us or that is gathered through the Service is secure. One measure of security that we employ is requiring that you create a unique password and asking for the verification of your identify prior to accessing your account. The responsibility for ensuring that your unique password and account information and for safeguarding your email content and contacts is entirely yours. ClipExp makes no guarantee that content or information that’s part of the Service may not be entered, released, modified, or deleted. Adjustments in the functionality of third-part websites and their services, such as social media networks, which you include with the ClipExp Service, may affect your privacy setting. However, ClipExp has no responsibility or supervision over any third-party’s security measures or functionality.

In case information is compromised:
If a security break results in a compromise of information belonging to you that we have in our possessing, ClipExp will take all precautionary measures to appropriately investigate the situation and to notify those individuals whom we determine may have been affected and to meet the requirement of all governing laws and regulations.


Summary: The following section explains how you can modify the details about your account information that we obtain. However, some of the Service features may be restricted should you choose to limit the information that you share with us.

How you can control and maintain your account information and profile settings:
By signing into your account, you may modify the preferences for your information or your profile settings. To discontinue the receipt of email advertisements, you must click on the “unsubscribe link” usually provided with in the body or at the end of the email. Upon receiving the notice to unsubscribe, we will process your request without delay. The information above explains that Service-related communications regarding account verification, billing and purchases, updates, and reminders do not qualify to be opted out. Contact us directly at (email address) should you have any concerns, questions or requests regarding the modification or any of your account information.

Opting out of the collection of your information for the purpose of Tracking/Adver­tising:
In order to remove or disable cookies and other tracking/recording tools, please consult the technical information for your browser or your mobile device for the proper directions. With some devices, it is impossible to remove or disable mobile device tracking tools. However, ClipExp or its partners will not be able to track activities on your browser as they relate to the Service or for third party advertising activities and doing so may limit or disable various features that the Service makes available to you. You should make direct contact with us regarding any questions that you may have about opting out of the use of cookies or other tracking or recording mechanisms.

The length of time that your User Content is maintained:
In the event your User account with ClipExp becomes inactive or is terminated, we may exercise our right to retain your personal profile information and the User content that is related to the account for the purpose of archiving, auditing, or backup within a reasonable amount of time.


Please be advised that this site is not recommended and inappropriate for children.
ClipExp makes every effort to ensure that we do not allow individuals below the age of 13 to register as a User for the Service that we provide or target these same individuals in our collection or solicitation of information. Therefore, should we discover that personal information has been collected or obtained for anyone below the age of 13 without the consent of parent(s)/legal guardian, and then ClipExp will make every effort possible to remove all of that information without delay. Please contact ClipExp should you have any concerns, questions, or request for information related to a child below the age of 13.


Our Privacy Policy is not applicable to third-party websites or their services. As such, we hold no responsibility for the practices in which the websites or their services are linked. When you browse or interact with any third-party website or service, as well as any links or advertisements associated, their rules and policies prevail. By using our Service, you are in agreement that ClipExp holds no responsibility or control over the third-parties to whom you give permission to access your user content. If you use Facebook or other third-party websites or services that are also authorized to access your User Content, it’s your risk. The information that we gather offline or via other methods or resources outside of the Service are exempt from this Privacy Policy.


Periodically, when there are adjustments to our business or service practices, ClipExp could make modifications to this Privacy Policy. We will notify you of any substantive changes, and at the end of this page, we will provide the date this policy was updated.

This privacy policy was last modified on June 01, 2021